Sunday, September 25, 2011

February 16, 2011

It’s a boy!!!!

Scott and I found out we’re going to be having a little boy. I’m so excited to have a boy as our oldest. Can’t wait til he arrives!

Christmas 2010

We decided to tell our families that we’re having a baby on Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas Day with Scott’s. We framed this ultra sound pic….

And wrapped it for our parents to open.

When my mom opened it she didn't act shocked like I expected. She thought I had framed one of Jessie's ultra sound pics since she just had Kylie. She said “thanks” and I looked at her a little confused. It took about 30 seconds and she realized it. She stood up and kept saying “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh” and she started crying. The rest of my family in the room couldn't figure out what she had just opened. My mom came and gave me a hug and then told them I was pregnant.

It was so fun telling Scott's family too. The whole family was there Christmas morning and Scott asked his parents if they would open our gift first. Once they opened it everybody was so happy. I got hugs from all around, and it was so cute hearing the adults explain to their kids that “Jen has a baby in her belly”. Tim and Jeanne said they were surprised, and didn’t see it coming.

I felt so blessed to be bringing this baby into both of our families. I love them so much!

December 21, 2010

It’s still a secret, but we got some more pics of our baby today.

long legs like daddy...

December 1, 2010

Here’s our first ultra sound.

We were so excited to see that tiny little heartbeat. I started crying and Scott had a grin from ear to ear.


I’m pregnant! On October 25, 2010 we found out I was pregnant. It was still a secret between Scott and I at this point, but we were so excited! After months of trying, having a test actually come out positive was a bit of a shock to both of us. We took 3 more just to be sure.

Grandma Erma - October 2010

Scott says goodbye to Grandma Erma. Just a year after her husband passes away, Grandma Erma joins him. I’m so grateful that Scott was able to visit her a few weeks before she passed. I’m sure he’ll remember those moments forever.

Scott's 30 - August 2010

August 2010

Scott turns 30!

I tried throwing him a surprise party, but it wasn’t much of a surprise when he saw all of the stuff I hid at his parents the day before.

It was still fun!

We had lots of food…

Lots of friends and family…

And I put together a bunch of “minute to win it” games.

I love you Scotty. 30 looks great on you!

New House May-2010

In May of 2010 we were able to buy a new house. It's bigger than our old one and the yard is huge. It's our perfect family home, and it happens to be next door to Scott's parents. It's so fun living next to Tim and Jeanne!

We love the layout of the house but there were tons of things we wanted to fix up. We basically gutted the whole house and started fresh. We took out all of the flooring and put in new tile and carpet. We painted the entire inside. We put in new light switches, outlets, chandeliers, toilets, and we even put in bigger baseboards. My favorite change we made was to the kitchen cabinets, we had them stained a darker brown and it changed the whole look of the kitchen.

Here are some pictures...

entry way before...


family room before...


kitchen before...


dining room and living room before...