Saturday, November 23, 2013

June 2013

This month has been so fun! 

Holley and Erin threw a surprise baby shower for me!

I'm so touched by the love and support that I feel from my family and friends.

The decor and food were awesome! 

Holley and I are so excited for our little ones to grow up together!

Here are some other fun activities that we did during our last month as a family of 3...

We've had lots of friend time...

More Disneyland trips...

A couple of beach trips, including Nicholas's birthday at the beach...

Madi's birthday party...

And Porter had his first swim lesson.
He was so excited to get in the water. The first 15 minutes were wonderful! He was listening to Nikki, and kicking his legs when she told him. Then, out of nowhere he decided he wanted Mommy. I went to the car, thinking it would help if I wasn't in sight, but I heard him screaming and yelling that he wanted out. I gave it a few minutes and decided I didn't want to make him hate the water or swim lessons, so we cut the lesson short. I tried talking to him about having another lesson, and getting him excited about it, but his response every time was, "I don't want it". Better luck next year.

Since baby Max will be here in a few short weeks, we decided to have Porter's 2nd birthday party a little early. It worked out great because all of his cousins from out of state were able to attend. 
At 2 years old Porter weighs 27 lbs and is 90.8cm long

Porter loves Elmo, so we had lots of Red and Orange. 

My amazing friend Candice made the center pieces. She's so talented and creative.

Porter loved the water, and his friends.

Friday, November 8, 2013

May 2013


Not many big events have occurred this month. I'm getting more and more pregnant, and Porter's getting more and more active.

He's been wanting to help make dinner lately...

He's also started to enjoy painting.

He has a "Big Boy" room...

and did awesome his first night in his bed!

We like to go to an open gym once a week. He LOVES the foam pit and the trampolines. 

 He's getting too smart for me. One morning I ran upstairs to grab something while he was down stairs, and I came back to find that he had dragged one of the chairs over to the counter and climbed up to get an apple. 
He was so proud of himself!

He also went on his first "Fathers and Sons" camping trip.
Scott said that he had a blast playing with all the kids and running around in the dirt.

He's also discovered sidewalk chalk. 

On May 28 our little man decided he was ready to use the potty. I honestly haven't even tried to start potty training because I wanted to wait until we were home more often throughout the day. Well, he decided it was time and took his pants and diaper off himself and went in the toilet. I was so proud of him!
It looks like he's ready.

March - April 2013

End of March- April

Well, we tried to take it easy this month since, we just got back from an eventful trip.
Here are some of our highlights...

Easter in the park (the day before Easter)

Easter morning...It was so fun to watch Porter open his Easter basket. He ran to the eggs and yelled "Nandy!!!!" The  Easter Bunny put a few toys in some of the eggs, when Porter opened those ones he threw them to the side and went in for more candy.

Church on Easter Sunday

After church we had my family over for Easter dinner. We had an egg hunt for the kids in the backyard, and watched a short video on Christ before we had dessert.

My brothers are awesome, and brought a few gifts for the kids...

My parents got us a gift card to John's Incredible Pizza, and Porter LOVES this place. He immediately runs to all the rides and games.

We also took Porter to Disneyland for the first time! We bought season passes so he gets to go once a week until the blockout days start in the summer.

His favorites were "It's a small world" and the "Tiki Hut".

Our nephew Nathan got baptized this month, so it was fun to spend time with all the family that came out. We  like to have movie nights in our backyard.
Hunter looks like he was impressed...