Monday, November 21, 2011

About to Pop!

These pictures were taken in June, just weeks before Porter was born. Thanks Holley for making these pictures look good when I was not feeling attractive at all.

Baby Shower Galore

We're so blessed to have such amazing family and friends. We had 4 baby showers for our little man.

I had one at my work. It was co-ed and the cake was delicious....

My mom, Jessie, and Kathy threw another one for me...Kathy worked so hard making the decorations and party favors and they were adorable! My mom and Jessie provided delicious food and fun games. It was so nice seeing all my friends. Most of the pictures from this shower are printed and saved in the baby book, but luckily Scott took a pic of the preparation.

Andrea threw a church shower for me. It was mainly girls from the ward, and we had a blast. We had fun games and the food was great!

The last shower was actually thrown for Scott by his co workers. They told him there was a meeting in the conference room and when he walked in it was set up for a party. One of the girls in his office kept sending me pictures of him opening up the gifts. He was so surprised!

Mexico here we come!

Scott and I were able to enjoy one last vacation before our life started with kids.
We went on a Mexican cruise with Autumn and Charlie in March 2011.

My favorite thing about cruises is the fine dining...especially when I'm 6 months pregnant.

Our first stop was Cabo San Lucas, and we got to stay for 2 days. We went to Lovers Beach, and enjoyed the white sand and clear water.

The rocks were pretty too. This is the "eye of the Pacific" and I heard it's the most photographed rock in the world.

The streets were pretty...Autumn and I enjoyed a massage somewhere on this street.

Scott and Charlie ate from this taco stand. Autumn and I decided to wait til we got back on the ship.

Next we went to Puerto Vallarta. It was more of a jungle compared to Cabo's white sand. I got to hang out and read at the beach all day while Scott, Charlie, and Autumn went horse back riding.
We had such a nice time on our trip. Charlie and Autumn were fun travel buddies. We went home relaxed and very full.