Tuesday, April 17, 2012

November 2011

Porter is 4 months and becoming a big boy fast. This month we introduced him to rice cereal. It didn't take him long to get use to it, and soon enough he was eating it 3 times a day.
Porter also learned how to roll over. By the end of the month he would use his rolling skills as transportation. I would put him on a blanket and he would roll and roll until he reached the bookcase. What a clever little guy!

We spent Thanksgiving this year at Autumn and Charlie's. Autumn gave birth to Gavin days before the family arrived. Isn't she amazing?! Gavin is such a sweet baby, it'll be fun to see him and Porter play together when they're older.

Check out my "mom shoulders", fancy with Porter's slobber.

Porter got lots of attention from his cousins, and he wore a special outfit for our Thanksgiving meal.

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