Friday, November 8, 2013

May 2013


Not many big events have occurred this month. I'm getting more and more pregnant, and Porter's getting more and more active.

He's been wanting to help make dinner lately...

He's also started to enjoy painting.

He has a "Big Boy" room...

and did awesome his first night in his bed!

We like to go to an open gym once a week. He LOVES the foam pit and the trampolines. 

 He's getting too smart for me. One morning I ran upstairs to grab something while he was down stairs, and I came back to find that he had dragged one of the chairs over to the counter and climbed up to get an apple. 
He was so proud of himself!

He also went on his first "Fathers and Sons" camping trip.
Scott said that he had a blast playing with all the kids and running around in the dirt.

He's also discovered sidewalk chalk. 

On May 28 our little man decided he was ready to use the potty. I honestly haven't even tried to start potty training because I wanted to wait until we were home more often throughout the day. Well, he decided it was time and took his pants and diaper off himself and went in the toilet. I was so proud of him!
It looks like he's ready.

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