Friday, January 26, 2018

December 2017

December is always filled with so much joy! What better place to experience it, than Disneyland.
I took the kids on my own, and I feel like everyone was filled with Christmas spirit. I had men helping me get the stroller out of the tram, families near us in line sharing cotton candy with my kids, and lots of sweet comments about my baby bump.

The kids were so well behaved, and I couldn't have had a better time with them :)

Kylie and Aubrey had a face painter at their party this year.
I came home with a princess, and 2 cute tigers.

This gave them some horrible ideas the next few days.

My sweet friends surprised me with a girls night dinner/shower. Of course I didn't think to take a pic while we were all enjoying ourselves, so here's some proof that baby #4 got celebrated.

On to the Christmas checklist...

When it's Max's turn for FHE around Christmas, he chooses making a Gingerbread house every time. 
They were all pleased with the results.

We went to see the Thoroughbred lights like we do every year. They never disappoint.

Ward Christmas party...
Max and Em were cows for the nativity

and Port was a donkey.

Kennedy got to be a cute onlooker...

Max had his preschool Christmas program, and I was beaming the entire time! He performed so well, sang all the songs, and looked directly at me through the whole thing. My heart was melted.

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday. It was so neat to go to church for an hour and be filled with songs of Christ's birth and to hear scripture and Christmas messages.

We spent that night afternoon at Jessie's house celebrating!

Santa visited us that night...

And the morning was pure joy! The kids are at such a fun age to celebrate. They are so excited and filled with belief.

A couple days after Christmas we celebrated with some of the Williamson side. Grandma made her famous PJ's for the kids.

This year was my favorite Christmas so far. 

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