Monday, November 21, 2011

Mexico here we come!

Scott and I were able to enjoy one last vacation before our life started with kids.
We went on a Mexican cruise with Autumn and Charlie in March 2011.

My favorite thing about cruises is the fine dining...especially when I'm 6 months pregnant.

Our first stop was Cabo San Lucas, and we got to stay for 2 days. We went to Lovers Beach, and enjoyed the white sand and clear water.

The rocks were pretty too. This is the "eye of the Pacific" and I heard it's the most photographed rock in the world.

The streets were pretty...Autumn and I enjoyed a massage somewhere on this street.

Scott and Charlie ate from this taco stand. Autumn and I decided to wait til we got back on the ship.

Next we went to Puerto Vallarta. It was more of a jungle compared to Cabo's white sand. I got to hang out and read at the beach all day while Scott, Charlie, and Autumn went horse back riding.
We had such a nice time on our trip. Charlie and Autumn were fun travel buddies. We went home relaxed and very full.

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