Sunday, October 7, 2012

August 2012

Our summer was full of trips, family, and for the month of August we slowed down our pace and enjoyed our growing boy.

But first let me rewind a little bit to July 20th...this was the day Porter took his first steps! Carla was at our house visiting and she was holding him in the kitchen. I walked up and she put Port down and he took two steps toward me. It was so exciting, and from then on his walking abilities increased. In the next few weeks he wasn't only walking.. he was getting into everything! 

I'm pretty sure his favorite thing to do is mess up our house. He likes to get into drawers and cupboards and pull everything out of them. He pulls the dirt out of our potted plants and throws it on the floor and furniture. He also likes to hide his toys in odd places, like behind our bench or inside the broiler of the oven. Next latches :)

His best friend Miles likes to come over and play. 

Porter's also grown to love the out doors. He could spend all day in our backyard. The first thing he goes for are sticks, dirt, and rocks. He also loves to be pushed in his wagon or his car, and play in his pool. He's so fun!

He's still a messy eater!

Another big change in our lives has been my new calling. I was recently called to be the Young Womens President in our ward. My instant reaction was "How can I possibly do as well as the past Presidents"? They truly have been amazing at their job, and have brought so much to the organization. I felt inadequate in comparison, like maybe I'm not cut out for it. But then I thought about the girls... I've been in Young Womens for 4 years so I've already grown to love them. I also admire their desire and ability to "Choose the Right" when they're constantly faced with influences at school that don't coincide with our beliefs.

After some time of feeling inadequate and overwhelmed, I came to the conclusion that I'm suppose to learn from this calling. I've already learned about gratitude. I am so blessed and grateful to work with such amazing leaders. I love what each of them brings to the table, and their constant willingness to serve. I've also learned that the girls are awesome! I love their fun personalities and their different views on life. It's been a little challenging on Sundays and Tuesdays having Scott as the Young Mens President, and trying to arrange a schedule with Porter, but again I see more blessings in my life as my amazing in-laws constantly offer to babysit during our meetings. I'm very thankful for the opportunity this calling has brought, and I am excited to see what other lessons I gain from it. 

This month we also celebrated Scott's 32 birthday, and the man got spoiled! His first gift was a GPS for his car. We also went to Universal Studios. Scott had never been, and every time a commercial came on TV  he always made a remark about wanting to go there. This is a pic of him in front of the plane crash from "War of the Worlds".

 On his actual birthday we had his family come over for cake and ice cream. I found this cake on pinterest and had to make it, because kit kats are his favorite! 

Scott has accomplished a lot for a 32 year old. He's an amazing husband, and truly the love of my life. He's my best friend and the one person I want to be around all of the time. He's also the best father to our son. He's very "hands on" and plays with Porter every day. I can already see Porter's excitement every time Daddy comes home from work. Scott has also done so great at his job. He's been in insurance for 11 years, and each year he seems to accomplish more. He's only been with his current company for under a year and he's already in the top 5 sales for the entire company. He's done great at his church calling with the Young Men, and I see how the youth look up to his example. He's fun, outgoing, active, sporty, and down right hilarious. He's my best friend and I can't wait to spend many more birthdays with him.  


  1. Porter is the cutest cousin! I remember our boys playing in the dirt and getting into everything and they loved it. Scotts a lucky man to have you. You compliment eachother. Thanks for your inspiring words and great example. I look up to you. :o)

  2. I can't believe how big Porter has gotten!! I love all your family pictures. Such a great looking family! The feelings you had at the calling were pretty much what I felt too. I know you are doing a fabulous job and the girls love you so much. We miss you and can't wait to see you soon!!!

  3. You guys are great!
    Andrea- Thanks for your nice comment, it made me smile. I hope Porter grows up to be as sweet as your boys. I look up to you too :)

    Anne Marie- You were an amazing President and did it under much harder circumstances. I truly appreciate everything I've learned from you. Can't wait to see you too!