Wednesday, July 9, 2014

February 2014

It's official...I'm a mom. 

This month we got me a mini van. I swore I would never drive one, but Scott convinced me that they were spacious, kid friendly, and cheaper to drive. 

And you know what, he's right! 
I love it.

Some other adventures this month were...

a fun hike with Kevin's family to Forest Falls.

and we were able to tour the Gilbert Arizona temple, before it was dedicated.

What a beauty it was.

We were lucky to be able to go with family and have a fun week at Autumns!

While we were in Arizona, I got a cute Valentine!

Max update:

He has 2 teeth

Started to scoot backwards

Will go on all 4's but can't figure out how to move once he's up

He reaches for me (melt my heart)

Sleeps in his crib all night (hallelujah)

He screams for fun...very loudly

Drooly from teething...

Angel face

Uh oh...I'm in trouble.

These two are my heart...

Porter update:

His personality is shining through every day. The funniest thing he started this month was asking for milk and hair.
Ever since Porter was a few months old, he would use his fingers to play with my hair to help him go to sleep. This would always be coupled with milk. Well, instead of just asking for milk to go to bed, he says, "Mommy...milk and hair"! He's hilarious.

He runs up to Mickey every time we see him.

Scott took him out to a movie and ice cream. When Scott told him to say "cheese" for the camera, he wouldn't take his eyes off the ice cream.

He's also been into pirates a lot lately. He'll try to dress up like them and use a hangar as a hook.

So we ended up getting him the full gear...

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