Friday, February 7, 2014

All dogs go to Heaven

On Friday January 31 our dog, Duke, passed away. We lost a member of our family, and he's truly missed.

Scott got him as a wee little pup 11 years ago.

Well, he grew...

and grew...

until he was a big cuddly, emotional, crazy, loving, and loyal dog. 

He always wanted to be around us. Especially with Scott. He thought he was a lap dog, and would try to sit there whenever he had a chance.

I'm not going to lie...there were times that I wanted to give him the boot. 

Like when he chewed the siding off our trailer

or when he ate through the wood on 3 of our 4 pillars

or when he would wake the baby by crawling under his crib because he was afraid of the loud airplanes

or when he ate dirty diapers and I had to sanitize all the spots he drug it through.

But he was our dog and we love him.

Duke got Scott through some really hard trials.
He let me hug him when I was sad.
He was AMAZING with our kids.
And he's irreplaceable.

It's been a rough week with out him.

I hated going to bed the night he passed, I felt like there was a weight on my heart that was making it hard to breath.
 I hated knowing how much my husband was hurting. I hated hearing him quietly weep in bed. I hated waking up to see Scott digging his grave down the hill with tears streaming down his face. I would give ANYTHING to never see my husband that sad again.

There's been a few times where I've put food in his bowl out of habit.
I looked for him to give him the crust from Porter's sandwich.
There was a brief moment of excitement when I was on a walk with the boys and a dog ran by that looked just like him.
I miss hearing his collar as I walk down stairs in the morning.
I miss the way he would "talk" like a wookie.
I even miss slobbery kisses.

We love you Duke, and we'll see you in Heaven.

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  1. Duke was a very good dog. Crazy...yes, but good. He let Miles sit on him and he's not even his kid. Im so sorry you guys are going through this. All dogs DO go to heaven. And you know darn well he's running around chasing his shadow and eating endless amounts of poop. He's happy.