Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Rest of October 2014

After our vacation, we settled in to our normal routine at home.

Max Update: 

Started saying new words and making new noises. My favorite is : "Oyee Oyee Oh"

He's stinking adorable and loves to cuddle mommy still

Porter Update:

This kid has a sharp tongue and has started to talk back.

If I tell him "no" to a show or candy, he threatens me with one of the following...
"You're not going to be my mom" (this one makes me want to cry)
"You're not going to get any candy" 
"You're going to go on time-out"

I guess I need to make it clear, who the boss is around here!

He has his sweet moments too...
One day I was explaining to him that he'd be going to primary soon and that I would be his music teacher. He got a really sad look on his face and said, "Who's going to be my mom then?"

I reassured him that I was capable of doing both jobs :)

The rest of the month was one big Halloween celebration.

I'm pretty sure they each got to wear 3 different costumes to our various activities.

This was after our friend's Birthday (Halloween) party.

At some point this month we took the boys to the pumpkin patch with their cousins.

And Grandma and Papa

They enjoyed Trunk or Treat at the church (Max loved it, I swear)

and we even carved out some time for Jack-o-lanterns (pun intended)

Finally, it was Halloween night! We had a great time trick or treating with the Davis's. Even Max got out of the stroller a few times to grab some candy.

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