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Vacation October 2014

Williamson Family Vacation 2014

We had the best time in Miami and the Caribbean! It was fun spending time together just the 4 of us. The boys bonded with Scott a lot on this trip. I kind of missed their "mama boy" moments, but love that they LOVE their daddy. 

 Our vacation started in Miami, Florida.

This is the beach at our hotel! The boys loved playing in the sand and being in the sun.

We made a trip to Everglades National park. 

Porter listened to the animal noises inside the visitors center.

And we took a hike where we were suppose to see tons of alligators. Apparently it was a full moon the night before, so they did all their eating at night and didn't come out that day. I wasn't too bummed about that.

We took a boat ride as a family, and were able to see some other animals in the water. This snake was enormous!

The next day we went to the alligator farm...

The boys loved the shows and weren't shy about touching the animals.

Porter and Scott were able to ride the fan boat out in the everglades. They saw tons of alligators and enjoyed spinning in circles.

After a few fun days in Florida, we were ready for the cruise!

When we originally booked the cruise we were set to go to Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Well, the weather had something else in mind, so once we boarded the ship we were informed that our entire itinerary had changed to the other side of the Caribbean. I'm not going to lie, I was bummed! I had no desire to go to any of the destinations that they had planned.

But...when we arrived at the stops, they were gorgeous! We had an incredible time, and were able to see things we never would have imagined. I'm so happy that we were "forced" to go to these places, because we never would have booked them on our own!

Cozumel was awesome! The shops were colorful...

 and they had these things all over the place.

 Every time the boys saw one, they stopped and posed for a picture.

The water was calm, warm, and blue!

Porter LOVED the "park" in the water.

And Max slept most of the day away.

Family "selfie" on the bed.

Day 2 of the cruise was in Belize. We weren't impressed with the port, so we were very grateful that we booked an excursion to Starfish Island.

Poor Max fell out of his stroller the day before, so going in the salty water wasn't much fun :(

It felt like we had the entire island to ourselves.

And we found some starfish!

It even had a playground for the kids.

Porter enjoyed making some friends of his own. Every time I tried to go swim next to him he'd say "It's ok Mommy, go away. I'm just playing with my friends". That kid totally hurts my feelings some times. 

Day 3 of the cruise was Honduras. We took the scenic route to the beach and it was beautiful!

This was our favorite beach of the cruise. The water was perfect and the scenery was all jungle. 

Day 4 we stayed out of the water and went to see some Mayan ruins!


We walked through the jungle to see the different ruins, and as we walked we watched monkeys in the trees!

It was interesting learning about the Mayan culture, and what they believed. 
 According to them you had to go through 12 levels to get to heaven after you die. The only way to skip to the top was through human sacrifice, or dying during child birth.

The boys just loved being outside.

And we loved seeing ancient history.

We also loved our "days at sea" on the ship. Our room was beautiful...

and Porter would ask us every day to go to the "Toy Story" room. It earned that name because they had a Mr. Potato Head in there.

They had a schedule of activities every hour...but I think this one was his favorite.

It was such a fun trip, but there's no place like home.

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