Monday, May 4, 2015

January 2015

It's a New Year, with new beginnings...


Officially started nursery (he went a couple of weeks before to test out the waters) 
He LOVES it!
There were no tears or reaching for mom. He was basically ready to get rid of me and play with all the fun toys.

New Words: "day-do" Thank you
"peas" Please
and his favorite word at the moment..."NO"

This kid is a tough cookie...he hits his older brother (and a few other kids) and doesn't back down when he wants something.
He's stubborn, totally emotional, and a true wild child.

I love him with every ounce of me and I'm lucky to be his mom


This big boy started primary! I love seeing him in there, and hearing him sing songs about the Savior.
He did great the first time he gave the scripture and prayer.

 He's the cutest.

One day the primary made cards for a kid who was in the hospital. When he was finished he went up to Sister Ontko to show her his picture. He pointed to a bunch of circles and said, "This is the mommy Holy Ghost, this is the daddy Holy Ghost, these are all Holy Ghost...and that one died for us". 

We had a fun family outing to Lego Land!

The boys loved the rides and everything that was made out of Legos.

The aquarium was pretty sweet too!

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