Tuesday, July 21, 2015

April 2015

April 2015

We had our first ultra sound this month and found out we were a week further along than we thought.

It's so special seeing the baby move around. I love it so much already and can't wait to be a mom of three.

I'm still sick as a dog, so Scott keeps the boys busy by going on hikes...

 and going to Disneyland. 

Those are some lucky kids!

When I'm able to function, we fill our days with Easter crafts...

 and painting.

Scott and I had a fun date night with the Lauritzen's this month. We went to dinner in LA and saw "Newsies" at the Pantages theater.

I thought the production was amazing. Scott may or may not have fallen asleep during the show.

I love when the boys play together. They're just starting to get to the age where they enjoy each others company. Best friends for life!

Now for the boys updates...

Porter started soccer this month!
He listens well to his coach and does not like to lose.

His games are filled with family on both sides, and it makes him feel so loved when they come.

He also likes to wear his "soccer shoes" all day long. He doesn't care if he has practice or a game or he's just home all day. Those shoes stay on his feet.

He is such a sweetie, and he made a card for a lady in our ward that spent a long time in the hospital. When he was finished painting it he said, "Mom, I think her is going to like this, and I think her is going to want to marry me when I give it to her". 
Of course I had to write that down inside the card :)

I can tell he is developing a love for God each day. One day he put on a funny costume on and said, "I'm making Heavenly Father laugh". 

 On to Max...

He is becoming the biggest sweet heart

He comes up to me randomly and gives me kisses (I love it so much)

He's starting to become a daddy's boy (this may be hurting my feelings a bit)

He talks SO much!
I love how he says "sorry" as "warry"

and everything is followed by "mom"
"here you go, mom"
"sorry, mom"

He also LOVES his cousin Zander. They both get so excited and do a happy dance when they see each other. These two cute boys are going to be trouble when they're older.

I feel like the worst mom alive, but I didn't even get one photo of the boys on Easter this year.

I'll try to describe our day without visual aids...
the boys woke up to their Easter baskets and were so excited! They got the traditional eggs with candy, a book, and new church outfit.
Then we went to church and spent the evening at my sister's having a yummy dinner and Easter egg hunt. It was a great day!

At the end of the month, I had the chance to go to Women's Conference. It was AMAZING...and just what I needed.

The best part was that I got to spend it with these three ladies...

they're all such great examples to me and I know I'm so blessed to call them family.

We even got to dorm next to some of our friends!

It was an uplifting weekend, filled with talks and messages that seemed like they were written just for me. 
Here's what I wanted to take home with me...

Serve the Lord by going to the temple and doing genealogy

Give LOVING help and guidance to those in doubt.

"As we touch the temple, the temple will touch us." Pres. Monson

As Mormons we feel like we always need to teach other faiths, but sometimes we need to be willing to learn from others.

Discouragement is Satan's biggest tool

Negative thoughts need to be replaced with positive scripture

"That which is important is rarely urgent, and that which is urgent is rarely important"

Seek the Kingdom of God and everything else will fall into place. 


And...that's a wrap for the month of April. 

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