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July 2015

July 2015

Another busy month for this crazy bunch!

We started the month off by renting a beach house for 4th of July weekend. We loved renting it with Brent and Andrea's family!

We loved going to the beach every day...

and finding sea life in the rocks...

taking naps on the sand...

riding our bikes to the park...

and spending time together as a family. 

 The day we got home, we had family come stay with us and it just happened to be Porter's actual birthday!

The boys were excited to see our door decorated with hearts from the Primary Presidency.

We had FHE with all the family, and we got to sing to him again.

He was also really excited to for his present...a bike!

Porter 4 years old...

What is your favorite color?  Red

What is your favorite animal? Rhino

What is your favorite book? "I love you Stinky Face" 

What is your favorite TV show? Phineas and Ferb

What is your favorite movie? Star Wars (just for the record, he's not allowed to watch this)

What is your favorite song? "Follow the Prophet"

What is your favorite food? Apples

What is your favorite drink? Apple juice

What is your favorite game? Fighting pillows

What is your favorite toy?  Batman

Who is your best friend? Dylan

What is your favorite thing to do? Go to the desert (no clue what he means by this)

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Go camping

What is your favorite holiday? Halloween

Where is your favorite place to go? To my cousins house (Madison)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A ninja

What did you do on your birthday? Eat cupcakes and play with my friends

Porter is such a joy in our family. He has the kindest soul, and loves to be around others. I'm so blessed to have him as a son, and I know that he's going to accomplish so much in his life. He already has a relationship with God, and I know that will grow stronger throughout his life.


On Max's actual birthday, we took him to get donuts in the morning. He could hardly contain his excitement! We unbuckled him out of the car, and he ran into the donut store, right up to the window with the donut he wanted. He kept pointing and saying, "Dis one, dis one". 

His reaction to his gift was priceless too...

He loves riding his "Neverland Pirate" quad...and he's already able to steer it himself!

Max...age 2

He's the happiest kid alive

He adores his brother

Favorite book is " Blue hat, Green hat"

Loves to cuddle

Loves to be outside!

He collects any bug he sees

Climbs onto everything

Loves all animals

I sing him "I Love you Forever" before bed every night, and now he sings along

He loves "Meeka" (Mickey Mouse)

The highlight of his day is getting a gummy vitamin

Still has the cutest dimples!

His favorite food is spaghetti and anything with sugar (except ice cream...that's too cold)

If he doesn't like a food he says that it's "picy" (spicy)...whether it really is or not

He's REALLY smart, and has big boy conversations

I am soooo lucky I'm his mom. He truly brightens up my day, and has the sweetest spirit.
He's so independent, and I know he's going to grow to be a leader. He's going to be a strong, righteous, and kind man someday.


Once Max's birthday was over, it wasn't long before we were at the beach again!

Scott was out of town, so I was very grateful to have so much help from all the family.

That Sunday, we celebrated Mclain's farewell. He gave an inspiring talk in sacrament, and after church we went to his house for a luncheon.
It was a true feast!

This is the last pic we'll have of the grandparents with the grandkids in 2 years! (missing Brooklyn)

Oldest to youngest...

The whole gang (missing Heather and Brooklyn)

We're really going to miss Mclain, but we're so proud of him and his decision to serve the Lord.


Some other family adventures for this month include...

a trip to the drive-in...

 Losing Max in the chicken coop...

and an Angels game with my family!

Max LOVED playing with grandpa, and kept asking for more fireworks!
He was so happy to be there...but I think his favorite part was when Grandpa bought him some cotton candy.

Port couldn't hide his happiness, the whole time.

He paid attention to the entire game, and if I wasn't looking at the field, he moved my head with his hand to make sure I saw what was going on.

He asked a million questions about the game, and he even pretended to bat for each pitch.

True baseball fan!

 Andrea has been taking the boys to the movies once a week for the whole summer!

They look forward to this each week, and I look forward to the break :)

She's the best!

At the end of the month, we went to the OC fair.

The boys favorite part was the "animal house"

but they also enjoyed the rides.

We ate at Ruby's after, and got them some balloons...

Max picked a tiger...

And Port wanted a jet pack!

Scott and I were able to spend a weekend together while the boys stayed at Brent and Andrea's...

We spent the day at the Science center, going throughout the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit, and checking out the Endeavor...

Next, we went to dinner and a show with some friends!

Phantom of the Opera at Pantages Theater!

 The next day we went to get sushi at the Irvine Spectrum, and hung out in Laguna Beach.

My boys had the best time at Madi's, and haven't stopped asking to go back there since they've been home!

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