Monday, December 21, 2015

August 2015

We kept it simple in August...

Boys will be boys...

catching lizards

wrestling friends

having allergic reactions

hiding in church clothes

holding hands with cousins

and writing their names for the first time!

Scott is an amazing husband and took the boys to Disneyland a couple times so I could rest. My belly is getting bigger, and I'm getting really uncomfortable...but this baby is totally worth it.

Porter trained to become a Jedi, and now he believes it's official.

He introduced himself to a stranger at a restaurant and said, "I'm Porter, and I'm a Jedi".
He makes sure to explain that he won't be a Jedi master until he's older.

I love these kids too much!

Scott turned 35 this year, and we didn't see him all day! He's been doing his 2 callings (High council, and seminary) and they took his time that day. He literally left around 5am and didn't come home until after 7:30.
So the boys decided to surprise him with a birthday cake that they each decorated.

Max had to test it out first...just to be safe.

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