Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kennedy Lynnea Williamson

Our sweet Kennedy Lynnea was born on October 18, 2015 at 10:58pm.

She weighed 8lbs 4ounces and was 22 inches long.

We're all so in love!

The story begins the day before she was born. Autumn's family was staying with us for the weekend, and I was having contractions all day long. They weren't unbearably painful, and they weren't consistent, so I knew I couldn't go to the hospital.  I was uncomfortable all night, and barely slept. Then, around 5am I woke to more consistent contractions. I decided to shower and get ready, just in case it was really labor. I went downstairs to find Autumn and Kailey down there. I told them I was pretty sure I was in labor, but I wasn't in enough pain to go to the hospital.
Well, the contractions went away and the Ethington's left that morning to go home. Scott had a speaking assignment in a ward that started at 11am, and I decided to stay home from church with the boys, because I just wasn't feeling well.
The second the clock struck 11am my contractions were in full force and I was ready to go to the hospital. I usually have long labors so I decided to not tell Scott until he was done with his talk. I called Andrea and asked her if we could swing the boys by around 12:30 when Scott got home. She's the sweetest person ever, and was at my door minutes later, to pick up the boys. I wanted to cry when I saw her. I just feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life, who are always willing to help.
At noon I texted Scott and told him to come straight home because I was ready to have the baby! 
He wasted no time and sped home. 
Once we were at the hospital they told me I was at a 3. They wanted to send me home for a couple hours to walk.
This is the last thing I wanted to hear. I was in so much pain! They wanted to check the baby for 10 more minutes, but that 10 minutes turned into an hour because her heart rate wasn't what it was suppose to be. Apparently, every time I had a contraction she would hold her breath, so they were worried that the umbilical cord was tightening around her neck during the contractions. 
During that hour, I ended up dilating to a 6. I'm so glad I didn't have to go home, otherwise I'd be right back there!
After that they gave me the epidural, and I was a happy camper.


They broke my water, and my mom and sister got to the hospital. They're an amazing support team. Before I knew it, it was time to push. I only pushed for 15-20 minutes and our beautiful, chubby, black haired beauty was born.

When I saw her my heart was full. I wanted to hug and kiss her instantly. When they placed her on my chest I just kept telling her how much I love her.

She's the most beautiful girl in the world, and I'm so grateful I'm her mom.

The boys came to see her in the hospital and they were so sweet and gentle with her.

Going home!

First car ride!

The second we got home we had visitors...

Her first couple weeks home was a little rough. She had jaundice pretty bad and had to go to the doctors every day to get her blood tested. Her levels didn't go sown like they wanted to she had to be in a bill blanket for a week.

First doctor visit at 3 days old...

We called her our glow worm.

Her newborn photos...

Kennedy, you're such a blessing to our family. Your brothers adore you and want to hold and cuddle you all the time. Porter sings to you every chance he gets and Max always joins in. Their favorite songs to sing you are "I am a Child of God", "Follow the Prophet", and "I love you Forever".
I have so many hopes and dreams for you. I promise to love you forever and help you always.

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