Sunday, January 29, 2017

November 2016

This month was all about adventure...

I went on a 3 day cruise with my dear friend Becki. It was such a nice mom break, no cooking, cleaning, or working. We literally ate, slept, and talked the entire time. That's my kind of vacation!

I appreciate Scott holding down the fort, and letting me relax. Even if I returned to my house and kids looking like this.

Scott and I did our first mud run, and it was sooooo fun!

We spent Thanksgiving in Cancun!!!!!

The kids loved the resort we stayed at. They had a kids center, kid pool area, and it was right on the beach!

I loved watching my kids make memories with my parents. Porter had the best time watching his grandpa "fall" in the waves.

The beach is gorgeous!

We went to Xcarat and saw some Mayan ruins...

 saw the marine life,

went snorkeling, and floated down an underground river...

walked through the jungle...

saw tons of animals...

and saw an amazing show on the history of Mexico.

Another highlight of the trip was visiting Chichen Itza. Our tour guide was named Helaman, and he taught us the connection between the ruins and the Book of Mormon.

These bees had no stingers...

Baptismal font

We also visited Tulum

and swam in a beautiful Cenote!

We had the best time on this trip, and my boys keep asking when we can go back. My parents were so fun to travel with, and we made some wonderful memories as a family.

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