Monday, August 29, 2011

Oslo, Norway 2010

The year of 2010 was a year where our lives dramatically changed. In May we bought our new house! After only a week of living there we were headed off to Europe for an amazing vacation with our dear friends, Erin and Romney.

Our trip started in Oslo, Norway. We flew in a few days before our cruise would embark so we could start the sight seeing early.

The first thing we did was visit the palace.

Then we went to a museum where we saw Viking Ships that were found in the Fjords!

We were so excited to discover a Norwegian Kabob...only to find out later it was a Greek restaurant!

We found an old farming community where this all wooden church sits.

We learned how the Norwegian people once lived on the farms and how things worked.

Next we went to see the Polar ship Fram. It’s the worlds strongest wooden ship and it’s sailed the furthest to the North and to the South. It’s pretty remarkable in person, and it’s hard to imagine how people lived in their crowded conditions on the inside.

We then went to Akershus Castle which was built in the 13th century. We were able to listen to a tour on tape and they even threw in a few ghost stories that “took place” in the dungeon.

The chapel inside is still in use today.

We ended our day at the park....I love the parks in Europe. Whenever the sun is out the people are out.

it’s called Vigeland Park but we nicknamed it the naked park...

These pictures should explain why.


  1. look at you. You have been busy blogging. It's so nice to be caught up huh? I love all your europe pictures. I miss it. Lets go back! Can we?

  2. Yes Please!!!! I'm not fully caught up, but I've been working on it a lot. Your blog helped me remember a lot of what we did, thanks for letting me steal some of your words :)