Tuesday, January 15, 2013

October 2012

October 2012

What a fun month this has been! 

It started off with a family night at the Angels game. Porter was having so much fun, and he was actually paying attention to the game. He kept saying "ball" and pretended he was throwing it.
We've been going to the park for a play group every Monday. This kid is loving it!

WARNING: The next picture may be disturbing to some viewers...
I just have to tell this story before I forget it.
I was changing Porter's diaper when suddenly I felt my arm get wet. I looked down and my lovely son was peeing on me. This hasn't happened since he was a newborn.  I quickly tried to cover him, but as I was doing so he turned and got the floor right next to me, as well as himself. I decided that a bath was in order, so I left him naked as I went to start his bath and clean myself off. As I was returning to get Porter, he was running down the hallway naked and stopped right in the middle of his tracks to finish what he had started. He left another pee pile on my hallway carpet. I thought he was done! So I quickly throw him in the bath and  I'm cleaning up the mess he made, which is right outside the bathroom door. I peek my head inside to see what he's doing in the bath and I notice his face is red, like he's pushing. I run over to him screaming "NOOOO"...but I was too late. He left me another nice present in the tub. This child was full of bathroom surprises. I'll have to use this against him in his teen years one day.

Speaking of my mischievous baby, he has been all over the place lately. It's been a bit challenging getting use to his constant mobility and his climbing. I found him inside of our sink sucking down the toothpaste.... 

He LOVES bubble baths so it's only natural for him to get the bubbles from our cupboard and poor the entire bottle into the tub. Rather than clean it all out and let it go to waste, I started the water and let him have the ultimate bubble bath. I'm pretty sure the entire tub was foam.

A few weeks before Halloween we took Porter to Live Oak pumpkin patch. We took him last year as well, but this year he REALLY enjoyed it. The first thing he ran for was the animals. He spent a lot of time near the cows saying "moo". Next he went in the petting zoo, and didn't want to leave the goats. He kept trying to sit on them, just like he sits on Duke!

He loved running around to find the perfect pumpkin...actually he really just loved running around.

I was in charge of this years "Trunk or Treat" so Porter got to spend most of the time with his cousins. Thanks to all the family that helped watch him!
When we were shopping for costumes I held up a dog and a lion and let him choose. It was a no brainer...he went straight for the dog.

And he makes a pretty cute one!

I love that he has all of these memories with his cousins. 

And of course, I had to bring him into the kitchen for a few pics.

Porter got to wear his costume again on Halloween. We met Jessie, Dean, and Kylie at my parents house to trick or treat in their neighborhood. The kids were so cute walking up to the door. The first one they went to was answered by a guy in a scary costume so they both turned around running... but after a few times of getting candy at the next houses they lost their fear. Porter would run up and try to open the doors instead of knock.

Here's our little puppy with Minnie Mouse, cute kids.

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