Tuesday, February 26, 2013

December 2012

This had to be the busiest month ever!

But it was a fun one...

In the beginning of the month we took Porter to the San Diego zoo. He LOVES animals, so I really enjoyed watching him . He never wanted to leave each animal.

The Gorillas were my favorite. They were leaning against the glass and a baby gorilla came up to Porter and smacked the glass right where he was standing. Porter got scared, but didn't want to leave him. It was so funny!

 He also loved the petting zoo. 

He likes to ride goats just like he rides his dog.

A few days before Christmas we announced to our families that we're pregnant. Porter wore this shirt and we told everyone that he had something to tell them. It was a lot of fun!


Not sure why these pictures are so blurry, but this Christmas was so fun because Porter kind of understood what was going on. 

Santa brought him a train set, books, Disney movies, PJ's, and lots of cars. 

 Mclain had Porter in the cousin gift exchange and he gave him an Angels backpack, a ball, and...

a Basketball Hoop!!!!

 Porter gave to Hunter and he got Star Wars Legos. 

He still loves the paper and boxes... 

 Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpa Williamsons.

They have the best backyard! 

A few days after Christmas we were able to go to Sea World with all of the family that was still down visiting. 

Porter loved watching the shows with Grandpa and Aunt Heather 

And playing in the kid center...he may or may not have knocked that other kid down.

His FAVORITE character Elmo was singing on stage and afterwards we were able to take pictures with him. The entire 30 minutes we were in line, Porter kept trying to run up to Elmo and cut in front of the other kids. When it was finally our turn he started to walk towards him and half way up realized he was scared and came running back to me crying. Needless to say, I had to hold him for this picture. 

 He loved looking at all of the aquariums....

It was such a fun trip.

Sometime this month Porter got into my lipstick. Black mail for teenage years????

We love it when Candice has a break from school because we get to visit with her and Ensley! Porter is so affectionate with her...she doesn't seem to dig it so much.

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