Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 2013

This month started with a trip to the snow. I took the Young Women from our church to stay in a cabin, and Scott and Porter came along with us.

Porter had never been to the snow before and he had such a good time. We took him sledding and I was nervous that he would fall, but he was fearless. Scott would send him off from the top of the hill and I would catch him at the bottom. Each time I would stop the sled, he would start crying because he wanted to keep going.

A couple hours in the snow wore him out. 

It was such a fun trip.

We went to an arcade for lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Kraft and Jessie, Dean, and Kylie. I love this picture of the two of them on the motion ride.

This month Porter has discovered discipline  I've been having an issue with him hitting other kids as well as myself and Scott. We've started "time out" this month and it doesn't seem to be helping. We explain to him why he's on time out, we make him sit for a minute, then we explain why he was on there again, and ask him not to hit anymore and to say he's sorry.
Now when we put him on time out, he sits down and instantly says sorry and gives me a hug, thinking he can get up right away. Looks like we have our work cut out for us. 

The nursery leader recently told us that she has to watch Porter closely when coloring because he always tries to eat the crayons. She said he saw her watching him so he covered a crayon with one and hand tried putting it in his mouth with the other...little sneak.

On February 23rd we found out we're having another BOY!

We are beyond excited. I love that him and Porter are going to grow up so close. I love that I already have boy clothes in the correct season, and I love that we can have joint birthday parties!

Boys are so great.

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