Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rest of May 2014

The rest of May...

I took the boys to Sea World! This was Max's first trip, and he loved it.

He even went in the play area for little ones!

Porter got to feed some hungry seals.

Max also got his first haircut this month.  The place was really great with kids, he got to sit in a jeep and watch cartoons!

Don't let this smile deceive you...

the second the clippers touched his head, he started screaming.

But he looks like such a handsome, big boy now!

Porter couldn't let a fun haircut pass him by...

he asked for one as soon as Max was done.

Max update...

crawls upstairs

cruises furniture

can stand on his own (not holding anything)

discovered his tongue and sticks it out all the time

dances anytime he hears music

Porter went to Fathers and Sons for the first time. He loved every minute of it! 

Porter update...

Sings ABC's by himself

He's really into names, he'll ask everyone what their name is, and what their mom's name is, and their dad's..etc

Started telling us we're mean, when we don't give him what he wants :(

He's starting to have "nice hands" (hallelujah, the hitting phase is almost passed)

The funniest story this month is when he was playing outside and asked to play in the water. I got him undressed and told him I'd be right back with his swimmer diaper. By the time I got back outside he was so excited and told me, "Mom, I pooped like Amber!" 
Sure enough, the kid pooped on our grass, just like the dog. 

Scott had a lot of fun on his annual "guy trip". They went to Panguitch Lake in Utah, and caught tons of fish.

These boys couldn't wait for daddy to come home.

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