Wednesday, November 5, 2014

June 2014

We kicked off June with a Williamson family vacation to the Grand Canyon!

Before we made it to the Canyon we stopped in Laughlin for a couple of days. We loved playing on the boat and at the beach at Catherine's landing.

WE stopped for lunch in this cute town...


As we were driving to the campground our trailer got a flat tire. We ended up having to drive back to that same town on route 66 to get it fixed.

After that small hiccup we were on our way to some fun family time!

The boys loved getting dirty...

and playing with their cousins.

The campsite was awesome! This was our backyard. 

My favorite activity was going on bike rides.

Isn't this so pretty? The view's not bad either :)

Scott had to leave a couple days early, so I really appreciated all the help I received from the family. Tim and Jeanne were amazing and helped drive the trailer back for us, and Brent and Andrea let Porter ride with them in their RV.

Our family is incredible!

Max update...

Started walking on June 29th!

Says, "dadada and mamma"

says, " bye-bye" and waves

Loves to play patty cake and starts to do it on his own

plays "peek a boo" on his own

recently discovered his tongue, so he'll stick it out and pinch it with his fingers all day long. In fact, if he's awake, his tongue is stocking out.

Porter update...

He's such a kind brother to Max. He's always helping him, and giving him lots of love.

He's talking so clear now!

When I asked him what he loved about daddy, he said, "When we make bad choices". 


This kid is toooo much...

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