Wednesday, December 17, 2014

September 2014

September flew by and my kids keep getting bigger!

Max update: 
If we ask Max a question and the answer is "no", he'll shake his head. But, if the answer is "Yes", he'll bounce his whole body up and down because he hasn't mastered the head nod yet.

Says mommy...melt my heart

Feeds himself with a fork really well

Gets excited when daddy comes home. He'll scream and yell "daddy" over and over again

Porter update:

The kid loves to dress up. Every day he is either Captain Hook, a Construction worker, Harry Potter, or Spider Man.

He's getting better about eating vegetables. In this picture he's on his 4th bowl of spinach! 

Some activities for the month include...John's Incredible Pizza

Chuck E. Cheese...

The Beach...

And Disneyland with cousins...

Max loved Pooh at first...

Then he changed his mind.

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