Tuesday, February 2, 2016

September 2015

Oh my goodness, I have a preschooler now!

Porter started preschool in September, and I have mixed emotions about it. 

I'm going to miss  having him with me all the time (preschool is twice a week, for 3 hours)

but look at how excited he is!

He LOVES it so far, and I've been enjoying the alone time with Max.

I'm proud of myself for not crying...I just teared up a bit when I got in the car after dropping him off the first day.

He came home a couple weeks after school started and told us that there was a new girl in his class and she was a "beautiful girl". It's the same girl he called beautiful a few months before at a wedding we attended! He's too cute. 

He's starting to take my phone and take pictures.
I find these random gems every once in a while.

Some other cute things that Porter did this month...

He told a lady at Carl's Junior that he's a Jedi. He truly thinks that the training at Disneyland made him a real Jedi.
He also invited all of his Uncles to his primary program. He did sooooo good. He memorized his part and sang all of the words to the songs. I was so proud of him.

Jared and Kristie stayed all 3 hours of church, and decided they want to start coming back! What an amazing start that a phone call from a 4 year old can make.

Super dad took Porter on a super hike in Palm Springs. They got to ride a tram and everything!

Max is in a play group now, where we rotate house with some of his friends. He loves his buddies and looks forward to it each week.

Max is a ham and I just want to squeeze him all the time!

Here are some of his cute updates for the month...

He calls every meal dinner

He asks to go to "Deeenland" every day

He says "I Love You" on his own, without me saying it first

He sings his "ABC's" and counts

He sings songs all the time, and sounds sooooo tone deaf. I love it, and never want to forget how it sounds. 

He has such a gentle side, and I can't wait to see what he's going to be like with his baby sister.


We celebrated our 7th anniversary with dinner and a movie.

I love this man so much, and feel very blessed to call him mine.

7 Things I love about him...

I can go to him with any church question, and he knows the answer
he works hard and plays hard
he serves others constantly
he WANTS to play with and spend time with his kids
he's a joker...like, all the time
he knows how to build things, and fix things around the house
he's totally hot

We spent the rest of the month preparing for baby...
I love how her nursery turned out!

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