Wednesday, August 30, 2017

February 2017

More family trips to Disneyland...

We had a Valentines party for Max and all his buddies. We decorated Valentine bags, passed out Valentines, and played fun games.

We watched the girls for a weekend and took the kids to the museum. Their favorite part was the animal center.

Porter's been acting older and is loving his time with dad.

He's also doing great in karate, and has moved up a couple stripes on his belt.

Porter's best friend at school is Noah. They're so cute together.

A boy and his dog...

Max is full of imagination and adventure. The stick down his shirt is his "sword".

Starting to say longer words
says "no" to everything
starting to go to other people
does the chicken dance when music comes on
and puts 2 words together "hi mommy"

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