Thursday, August 31, 2017

March 2017

 Oh my goodness...can his school picture be any cuter??!!

These besties are the sweetest.

Muddy kids!

Sycamore canyon is our favorite to hike in the spring time.

But now, for the real adventure for this month.

Scott and I left the kids to go on a week long cruise to the Caribbean! I wish I could say I was excited to go, but this was my first time leaving the kids this long. My mom and sister did me a solid, and took good care of my babies, but it was the most stressful and nerve wracking thing I've done. 
I mean, I had severe anxiety about it for weeks.

I'm so glad I got to spend this time with my hubby. After 6 years of no vacations without kids, we needed our alone time.
And guess what? We had a blast!

First stop...Puerto Rico!

Jungle, waterfalls, and beautiful beaches.

My favorite thing we did there was the bioilluminescent bay. 
We waited till dark, got in a kayak, and went through a river in the jungle to get to a bay. Then, you swipe your hand or paddle in the water and it lights up! It looked like neon blue/white fairies floating in the water. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Then we got on the cruise ship and went to St. Thomas.
The water was clear and it was nice to relax.

The prettiest beach was Barbados. It had the clearest water I've ever seen.

St. Lucia was my favorite day of activities.
We got on a boat with all our friends and toured the entire island.

It was green and lush, with 2 big mountains.

We stopped at a natural mud bath, then they took us to a natural waterfall to wash all the mud off.
We also went to a black sand beach and white sand beach. The snorkeling was incredible!

St. Kitts was known for the monkeys on the island. The beach was pretty like the rest, but it wasn't our favorite.

In St. Maarten we went to the famous airport beach. Planes take off and land right over your head. Sometimes when big planes take off, you have to hold on to the gate so you don't get knocked over.
this beach had the warmest water.

Back to Puerto Rico for half a day before our plane leaves. 

We met up with some friends to tour the fort.

I had the best trip with Scott, but at this point I was DYING to hug my kids.

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