Thursday, August 31, 2017

April 2017

Since Scott and I just took a vacation, we figured the kids would like one too.

We spent the weekend in San Diego and had such a nice time as a family.

First stop was the museums in Balboa.

We made sure to swim a lot at the hotel...

and we hit up the Mormon Battalion.

The highlight of the trip was Sea World!

 A few weeks later we were ready for Easter.

We went to the annual ward Easter in the park.
My kids won't pick up their toys, but they sure know how to pick up a million Easter eggs.

Easter morning was so fun to watch. The kids loved their baskets...

especially the Pokemon cards.

Easter Sunday was great. We had a beautiful service at church...

and we hosted Easter dinner for Scott's family afterward.
Of course the night wouldn't be complete without one more egg hunt.

I had time to reflect on this special day and what it means to me. I love our Savior, and it's hard for me to comprehend the amount of sacrifice He was willing to make on my behalf. It's easy, however, for me to be grateful for Him and to see His hand in every aspect of my life. I love Him and I know that every good thing that I have in my life is because of Him.

The rest of the month consisted of a lot of play.
Max earned a toy at the end of the day at Disneyland for having no accidents. I let him choose whatever he wanted in the store, and this is what he came out with.

Max is such a hoot. He calls butterflies, "flying caterpillars" and is always making us laugh with his random comments.

We went to the temple this month as a family. Scott and I took turns going in, while the other walked the grounds with the kids. As I was about to walk into the temple, Max yelled, "Mom, wait! When you go in there, can you take a picture of Jesus for me so I can see him?"
My heart literally melted, and I turned around and gave him a hug. I love his sweet spirit and that he has a desire to know the Savior.

I love that these two are buddies...

Lots to report on our Kennedy...
she pronounces her name "Denny" so I've started to call her "Denny girl"
She calls boogers "bubbles"
She talks so well, and puts lots of words together "come on mom", "here go mom"
She folds her arms for prayer by smashing her hands together pointing down
and my favorite...
she poops in the toilet!!!!! (No pee yet)

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