Saturday, September 2, 2017

May 2017

Another month of adventure for the Williamsons!

Port had his music recital. He sang songs with his class, and played 2 songs on the keyboard by himself. You could tell he was nervous. On the first song, he played very lightly, but by the second song he had more confidence. He did amazing and we're so proud of his talent.

He also had his first field trip this month. They went to Riley's Farm and interacted with all kinds of animals.

Max knows how to write his own name! He's got such a desire to learn. I didn't push this on him at all. He asked me how to write it, I showed him, and now he has 1000 papers that look identical to this one. I love it!

This girl is starting to be obsessed with babies. She wouldn't put this one down at the store, so I had to buy it for her.

She also loves coloring!!!! It'll occupy her for 30 mins straight, and she'll find anyplace to make it happen.

The boys had fun with daddy at their annual Father's and Son's campout.

The big adventure for this month was camping in Zion with the Cryders.
The park was gorgeous, the hikes were fun, and the company was the best.


Bryce Canyon...

On the last day of our trip we got the best news ever! We're expecting baby #4!
We had just started trying, so I brought a couple of tests with me. The first time I took one, I told Kathy I was going to take it. She was so sweet and excited. The test came out very faint, so I decided to wait till the next day to take another and tell Scott.
The next day the test came out much clearer. Kathy had a great idea to tell Scott later that night when we played games. Every night when the kids went to bed us 4 adults would stay up and play board games. One of the games had a "charades" part in it. During this part Brandon and Kathy acted out that I was pregnant, and Scott had to guess. It was so fun! I couldn't stop laughing because it took Scott a while to guess it.
We're so happy to add this new blessing to our family. My due date is February 7th. 

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