Sunday, January 19, 2014

August 2013

I'm still in a new mom funk...

Getting no sleep is hard, and I'm constantly feeling guilty about not spending enough time with each of my boys. It's just the hormones, right?

Ok, enough complaining. Now lets focus on how cute my kids are.

Max is a doll!

This boy loves to be held, and I love to do the holding.
At 3 weeks he was 10lbs and 22.75 inches long.
He started smiling regularly at 6 weeks. I've yet to catch it on camera, but it melts my heart.

Port is becoming quite the cook. His new obsession is bagel pizza.

His hitting phase has taken a turn for the worse. I've literally tried everything from "time outs", taking toys away, holding his hands down, etc. People say he just has to grow out of it, but I feel so bad for his little victims...(Kylie and Miles).

Other than that he's the sweetest kid you'll ever meet.

Brent and Andrea invited us to come to their beach house for the day, which made it Max's first trip to the beach!

It was so nice being able to sit inside and watch Porter play in the sand.

 Max also had his first day of church this month.

I want to squeeze him.

Porter had the honors of giving Max his first bottle. We waited til Max was 4 weeks, to see if he would take one, and he did!

 Max is still a happy and content baby. 

I promised Scott I would have the boys nap in their own beds. Just wanted to post this before I got rid of the evidence.

 At the end of this month, we took Max to the happiest place on earth.

This is what he did most of the time...

but eventually Disneyland will be one of his favorite places.

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