Sunday, January 12, 2014

The rest of July 2013

It's been quite an adventure getting use to a home with 2 kids.
I love them both so much!

We'll start with a Max update.
Max is a wonderful baby...he never cries, and when he does he's super easy to soothe  
It's the cutest thing when he's sad...he whimpers and squeaks like a little puppy
He likes being swaddled in blankets
He's super strong and already rolls onto his side and lifts his neck up
He's quite the kicker
And he gets hiccups all the time...just like he did when I was pregnant!
He has crazy hair that sticks straight up and looks like a Mohawk

Here are a few pictures of his 3 day check up...

We're so in love!

I can't get enough of the sleeping pictures!

Max had a few more visitors come to the house to see him...




and Jared.

Now it's Porter's turn...

Porter has been as active as ever, and it's been a challenge trying to find things for him to do while he's couped up in the house with me.

A cardboard box always does the trick...

and so does play dough!

I've been trying to do 30 minute "mommy and me" dates once a week, so that Porter gets my attention. I think it may be more for me than him though. For 2 years it was just me and him playing together all day, it's been an adjustment trying to balance my attention.

We usually go to Petco on Saturdays to see all the puppies. It's the perfect activity because he loves animals and it's close to home in case the baby needs me. 

I feel like I need to give a big shout out to Brent and Andrea. They have helped us with Porter so much. They have taken him to the zoo multiple times...

and they watched him for us when I had the baby.

He loves spending time with them, and talks about their family often at home.

I'm so grateful for the rest of our family and friends that have helped us with our new one. My sister, Jessie, came over multiple times a week to help me after the C-section. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her.
My mom came over to help with everything.
Tim and Jeanne brought meals and babysat.
Kevin and Holley took Porter for a day...and she was about to have her own baby!

I know I'm forgetting to name drop a whole bunch of people, but we love our family and friends so much, and truly appreciate the kindness they showed us.

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