Friday, February 7, 2014

January 2014

New Years Eve we went out to dinner with some friends, and hung out at Brent and Andrea's for dessert. We came home before midnight because we knew Duke would freak out over the fireworks. We actually fell asleep before midnight too. Oldies.

Max is loving his excersaucer. He jumps up and down, it's the cutest thing.

At 6 months he sits up on his own

He got a tooth!

People are starting to say he looks like me

He catches a glimpse of his hands and then stares at them for a while (very fascinated)

When he's sad he only wants me

He weighs 16 lbs and is in 95% for height

He also started eating food. His first meal was zucchini and he devoured it. I swear this boy is hungry all the time.

He's also big enough to sit in the swings at the park now. This is his first ride.

Porter's been spending lots of time with Scott lately.

He loved getting his face painted at a birthday party..

so he thought he would try it himself at home.

He says "I love you" on his own (with out me saying it first). It melts my heart.
He's also starting to play independently more often. This makes things a little easier on me. But, it also makes me miss him.Sometimes I'll go in his room and ask if I could play with him, and he'll tell me in the sweetest voice, "no... go away, mommy". 

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