Sunday, July 17, 2016

March 2016

It's March and we celebrated St. Patricks Day in style...

Not sure why I don't have a pic of Max, but he was wearing the same shirt as Porter.
Our dear friends invited us to Big Bear for a few days this month.
The boys loved spending time with Miles.

We played in the snow...

Went on a hike...

and visited the Nature Center.

My favorite was playing games at night as long as this little one let us.

Thanks Ellsworths for a fun trip!


The following pictures describe what our day was like pretty well, but they don't bear my witness of the sacredness of this holiday.

I'm so grateful for the Savior and his sacrifice for me. I'm thankful that I can have a personal relationship with Him and truly feel His love. 
He is risen.

Porter update:

I've noticed that he's been more worried about germs and has turned into quite the germaphobe. He washes his hands ALL THE TIME...

If he goes outside he washes his hands. If he feeds the dog, he washes his hands. If something smelly touches him, he washes his hands. He's so funny about it. 

He was so sweet this month when I was sick. He laid next to me and rubbed my back and said, "I'm so sorry you're not feeling well". This is exactly what I do to him when he's sick.

Max update:

I'm having so much fun with him at this age.
This month he started to point at everything with his middle finger.

He's already talking about what he wants for his birthday party. So far his main concern is having a Rhino cake.

Kennedy at 5 months:

This girl is soooooo loud! She has definitely found her voice, and she just screams all the time.

She screams especially loud when she doesn't get her way. She has her own opinion now, that's for sure.

She's rolled over 2 times

Kicks her legs a lot

Smiles at everyone, but still only lets mom hold her

Still gets up a lot at night

Half way through this month she started eating rice cereal 

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