Sunday, December 10, 2017

September 2017

Max started preschool this month!
I got a bit teary eyed as I got in the car from dropping him off. He's turning in to such a great kid. He's so smart and sweet to others. I can't wait to see how he grows.

He also started T-ball this month, and oh my heavens... there's nothing cuter than a little boy in a T-ball uniform. 
He's a lucky boy, because his dad is the coach. He also gets his buddy Tyson on his team.

It's been nice getting some alone time with Kennedy when both of her brothers are at school. She'll stay on the swings for an hour if I let her.
She's also loving story time at the library.

 We took the kids to a Quakes game and Porter was asked to go out during the 7th inning and run the bases while knocking over the mascot. It was such a fun memory for him. When he was finished he told us he was famous because it was on TV.

 Porter started soccer again this season. It's so much fun watching him improve.

He loves being goalie, and he's really good at it!

He's also turning in to quite the artist.

We found out a lot about our baby this month too.
The kids were dying to find out the gender, and they asked me specifically to tell them by buying them suckers.

 We're so excited to have another boy! He's so loved already, and once Porter and Max found out, they were telling us all of the things they're going to teach him.

We also found out that our perfect little guy will be born with a cleft lip.

Here's the email we sent out to our family from out of state to fill them in. It contains the whole story of our experience...

"Hi Everyone,

Scott and I wanted to share a few experiences we've had the last couple of days.
Before I start, I just want you to know that our baby is healthy and well, and truly perfect in every way.

We went in on Wed for an ultrasound to do the normal measurements and to find the gender. Scott wasn't allowed to come back till the end, so I was in there with a technitian as  she was looking at the baby. After a little while, she called another person in and they started discussing some abnormalities they saw. They both agreed that they saw a cleft lip, and they were debating amongst each other if they saw something wrong with his heart.
At this point I was panicked and asked them to please fill me in on what was going on. They decided to refer us to a specialist, because he's the only one who can make a diagnosis.

We had 2 long days where our hearts were poured in to prayer. I did research on heart defects, cleft lips, cleft pallets, and any disorders associated with it.

We met with a genetic counselor today who told us that if there's a heart defect and a cleft lip, combined, the chances for Trisomy 13, 18, and 22 were high, and that we would need to be prepared in the hospital to share the last moments with our child before he passed.
Again, we turned to prayers before we met with the specialist.

We saw the specialist a bit later and they did an invasive ultrasound. They checked every organ in his body as well as facial features.
Our prayers were answered when he told us, the heart looked perfect!

He does however have a cleft lip, and part of the gum is affected. During the first year of his life, he'll need a couple surgeries, and in the future may need speech therapy. For the most part, after surgeries, you won't even be able to tell that he had a cleft lip!

The first thing we did as we got in the car was give a prayer of thanksgiving for this wonderful news. His life isn't threatened, and we get to raise our sweet boy.

We're telling our kids tonight, and preparing them for the next few months that their beautiful brother is going to look a little different. We're explaining that Heavenly Father has blessed us with this amazing baby, that we get to love, nurture, teach, and care for him. We would love for you to share this with your kids too.

It's been an exhausting few days, but I can't express how much I feel blessed. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father chose us to be his parents. I'm so happy that his organs are healthy. I'm so grateful to have a husband who loves his kids, and supports me through everything. To be honest, I'm grateful that we went through a few days of hardship because it helped me to know how truly blessed we are. I look at all the suffering  thats going on in the world right now, and this minor trial seems trivial to the rest.

Call us or let us know if you have any questions. Sorry it's through email. We've been emotional and it's hard to get everything out over the phone.

We love you guys!"

The outpouring of love the family already has for this baby is amazing. We're so blessed!

 We ended this month with a trip to Yosemite National Park with the Ellsworths. The kids love sleeping in the RV!

Their favorite part of the trip was exploring the campsite.

They hunted for bears, and played with sticks and rocks.

We saw half dome...

and El Capitan.

We went on some cool hikes...

and saw a couple beautiful waterfalls.

We ended the trip with a carriage ride in an old ghost town.

Thank goodness exhaustion kicked in on the drive home.

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